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+Johnny Depp;  Captain Jack Sparrow;  ed wood;  Willy Wonka;  mad hatter;  

This is my most reblogged post.- Some Johnny Depp characters ♥

+Johnny Depp;  Captain Jack Sparrow;  Jack Sparrow;  mad hatter;  sweeney todd;  Willy Wonka;  

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"You were much more muchier… you’ve lost your muchness"
- Mad Hatter.
+Alice In Wonderland;  Johnny Depp;  mad hatter;  



+mad hatter;  Johnny Depp;  Alice In Wonderland;  Tim Burton;  

Making the Mad Hatter. ♥

Making the Mad Hatter. 

+Alice In Wonderland;  Johnny Depp;  Tim Burton;  mad hatter;  movie;  Helena Bonham Carter;  

Just watched ‘Alice in Wonderland’ again :D I F*CKING LOVE that movie… Mad Hatter is my favourite character :3

+Alice In Wonderland;  Johnny Depp;  mad hatter;  movie;  Helena Bonham Carter;  tim burton;  Mia Wasikowska;  

Today I bought ‘Alice in Wonderland’ :D I’ve watched the movie, but I love it and I want to watch it again and again :D

+Alice in Wonderland;  Johnny Depp;  mad hatter;  

Johnny Depp is amazing.

Johnny Depp is amazing.

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