+vikings;  season 2;  ragnar lothbrok;  travis fimmel;  my gifs;  

+assassin's creed;  altair;  altair ibn-la'ahad;  my gifs;  nothing is true everything is permitted;  ac;  ac gif;  assassin's creed gif;  


+nolan north;  deadpool;  deadpool cosplay;  sdcc 2012;  deadpool the game;  wade wilson;  my gifs;  

+Nathan Drake;  Victor Sullivan;  Uncharted;  uncharted 3: drake's deception;  my gifs;  sully;  nate drake;  uncharted 3;  

+loki;  tom hiddleston;  thor 2;  thor: the dark world;  my gifs;  

+thor;  chris hemsworth;  thor: the dark world;  thor 2;  my gifs;  

+rise of the guardians;  tooth;  jack frost;  my gifs;  

+jack frost;  rise of the guardians;  my gifs;  

+jack frost;  rise of the guardians;  my gifs;  

If I get into trouble down there…

+The Last of us;  TLOU;  game;  joel;  ellie;  my gifs;  

+will graham;  hugh dancy;  hannibal;  my gifs;  


Supernatural 4x01 “Lazarus Rising”

+castiel;  misha collins;  supernatural;  spn;  destiel;  my gifs;  

+adam;  adam raki;  hugh dancy;  2009;  movie;  my gifs;  i love you hughhhhh;  rose byrne;  adam movie;  

+hugh dancy;  adam;  adam raki;  movie;  2009;  rose byrne;  my gifs;  adam movie;  



+billy boyd;  you perfect human being;  my gifs;  comic con chile;  2013;  ;  pippin;  lord of the rings;  the hobbit;  hobbit;  

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