This is my most reblogged post.- Some Johnny Depp characters ♥

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At last… my arm is complete again.

+Sweeney Todd;  say it with sweeney todd voice;  

+sweeney todd;  mrs lowett;  johnny depp;  Helena Bohnam Carter;  

+sweeney todd;  

+Sweeney Todd;  

+Sweeney Todd;  

+bussines never better using only pussicats and toast;  sweeney todd;  Johnny Depp;  Helena Bonham Carter;  

Dear Tim Burton, thank you for such a wonderful cast. Yours truly, Sweeney Todd fans. 

+Sweeney Todd;  Jamie Campbell Bower;  Helena Bonham Carter;  Alan Rickman;  Johnny Depp;  Tim Burton;  


+sweeney todd;  Johnny Depp;  

'SWEENEY TODD' is Trending topic (Worldwide) on Twitter :D

+Johnny Depp;  sweeney todd;  Helena Bonham Carter;  Tim Burton;  movie;  

tnt you are so beautiful



first Charlie and the chocolate factory now sweeney todd and then Sleepy Hollow

yesssss i’m watching that too <33

+johnny depp;  tnt;  sweeney todd;  charlie and the chocolate factory;  sleepy hollow;  tim burton;  

Watching Sweeney Todd <3

+sweeney todd;  Johnny Depp;  movie;  Helena Bonham Carter;  Tim Burton;  

+sweeney todd;  

+johnny depp;  Helena Bonham Carter;  sweeney todd;  Tim Burton;  

Best Johnny&#8217;s face! EVER! LOL.
I love you, man!

Best Johnny’s face! EVER! LOL.

I love you, man!

+Johnny Depp;  movie;  Tim Burton;  sweeney todd;  

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