Hey :D I’m watching “The Tourist”… again *O*

+the tourist;  Johnny Depp;  angelina jolie;  

+The Tourist;  Johnny Depp;  Angelina Jolie;  

Alexander: So you love me?

Alexander: So you love me?

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The Tourist.

The Tourist.

+angelina jolie;  Johnny Depp;  the tourist;  movie;  

I FUCKING love this… ‘The Tourist’

Frank: Hello, please help.

Man: buongiorno signore.

Frank: ‘Bon Jovi’ (XD) I need help. There are 2 men trying to break down the door.

Man: I see. What kind of problem do you have with the door, sir?

Frank: No, no, no. There are 2 men with guns trying to break in. Dos hombres con… con pistola.

+the tourist;  movie;  Johnny Depp;  angelina jolie;  frank tupelo;  

The Tourist. I love this movie.

The Tourist. I love this movie.

+Angelina Jolie;  Johnny Depp;  The Tourist;  gif;  movie;  

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